Commission Pricing

Welcome to my art commissions pricing page!

Please read through the sections thoroughly before sending me a message.

There are three parts: 1. Pricing, 2. Examples, 3. Steps.

Prices below are for individuals. Businesses are encouraged to email me with their budget and requirements rather than referring to these listings.

See below for examples of the following options.

Prices are in AUD —

Per character

Pricing Note:

Though these numbers may seem high, doing commissioning work takes upwards of 20 hours a piece for me, and so require a large chunk of my working hours.

That being said, none of these are final. Feel free to send me an email if you’re interested, and we can discuss your budget and the project further.


Sketch / Greyscale / Colour


$100 / $150 / $200


$125 / $200 / $250


$150 / $250 / $300


Subject to individual pricing.


Private commissioned works are for personal use, such as visualisation and decoration.

Commercially commissioned pieces have a wider range of uses. By definition, I consider commercial pieces to be something that you will use to inherently earn money. For example: promotions, swags, or covering books.

Commercial works come with a 50% markup of the prices listed (excluding book covers).

Businesses & publishers are encouraged to contact me through email for pricings unique to the required project, as listed prices are for individuals.

Further Notes

Pieces come either at a 4:5 or 5:7 ratio, with the former being best for digital distribution and the latter for printing. Note of which you’d prefer is required.

All commissions come with a standard contract regarding the rights and permitted distribution for the work. An example can be found here: Commission Contract 2020 Example.

Payments are made via a PayPal invoice.

All paintings are done in 16-bit RGB colour & 300 dpi; CMYK upon request.


The examples shown here are of the varying rendering stages of a shoulder-up painting.

Further completed pieces can be found on the Commissioned Art or Personal Works pages.


Sketches come on a standard white background.


Simple, textured background; fully rendered.


Textured background, fully rendered, full colour.

Steps & The Process


Once this page has been read through and I haven’t scared you away, feel free to send me a message via my contact page or an email to

From here, we can discuss your project, work with your budget, and finalise the contract.

Descriptions & Information

Initially, I will require a variety of information regarding the characters and subjects of the commission. Provided by the lovely Nicole Deal is an optional character sheet:

If the character sheet isn’t accessible for you, I will require:

  • Any descriptions and information of what you want that you think might be helpful. For example: reference images, fan or face casts, Pinterest boards, character appearances, personality, clothing descriptions, poses you had in mind, motifs & information about the world.
  • Image size preference, as mentioned above either 4:5 or 5:7.


Once the contract has been signed, I will send a PayPal invoice to your nominated email with said contract attached for both parties as a reference.

I require a 50% deposit before I will start working. The invoice will be split to allow an initial payment/the deposit.

Sketching, Painting & Rendering

  1. I will initially draw up one (or a few, for larger pieces) sketches to address the information specified and will check with you to ensure I’m on the right track. If you have chosen to have a Sketch commission, I will clean it up and finalise the art; for other commission options, I will then continue.
  2. Value blocking to show shadows and highlights follows with a selection of colours. However, if you’ve chosen greyscale, I will simply render the shadows and highlights smooth.
  3. Rendering colours and finalising the piece.
  4. Delivering files in a .png or .jpg format. File size options are available.